Population – Children and Adults

Clientele – Individual, Couple, Family


Grief involves some type of personal loss. When a loss is extremely painful it can be difficult to process. We work in exploring and experiencing the emotions associated with the loss, garner meaning, and put it into perspective.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can be a vicious illness as it pervades one’s consciousness creating doubt and uncertainty, undermining one’s sense of self. The good news is there are efficacious treatments, which we utilize to restore your sense of self and regain stability.


Anxiety creates unrest and robs one of joy. We work to uncover and resolve underlying causes to restore a sense of peace and joy.


Trauma changes the brain. Its impact creates an over-reactive response to similar stimuli. The event or series of events that were traumatic become compartmentalized, and can be instantaneously triggered. We work at the point you are at, and at what rate is comfortable for you, as we seek to unlock this compartment. We allow the emotions to surface naturally, and work on your timetable as we seek to heal one piece at a time.

Adults With Aspergers

Adults With Aspergers may experience difficulties with life changes, relationships, and sensory challenges, which may co-occur with anxiety and depression. We draw from one’s strengths in developing coping mechanisms to compensate for one’s challenges. Additionally, a big picture profile is obtained to garner understanding, and make sense of navigating life.


Relationship Roadblocks can be most painful in family situations with those we are closest to. When a man and woman come together in marriage, they face a myriad of concerns that typically become more evident as time moves on. There is a multitude of factors that are explored to begin the process of removing the roadblocks, and equipping the couple with tools for the journey.


Depression removes desire and zest leading to despair and hopelessness. We look at the various factors that have led to this condition, and develop a strategy to regain hope, and the ability to enjoy life.

Healing from the Wounds of Abortion

There is hope and healing after the painful experience of abortion. Hidden wounds can fester and infect one’s life at subconscious and conscious levels. Experience God’s love and forgiveness as we work through this process.

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