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A Sensual Experience

Activities Go for a ride in the country. Take a stroll in the park. Go to the Botanical Gardens. When at Walmart or HEB go into the floral section and smell the flowers. Buy a book on plants and learn about them. Make a container garden. Buy a houseplant. Grow some vegetables. Go

What Do You Expect ?

Activities Take an inventory of your expectations. Begin by thinking of what you take for granted. Start with your senses. Can you see, hear, taste, smell, and feel. This may sound silly, but there are people who have various limitations in these areas. Next, focus on your family. What are some things they do

What is Love?

Activities Make a card holder using two paper plates. Decorate it. It will be used to store virtue cards. Using the virtue list provided write one virtue on the front of a note card, and define the virtue on the back of it. Do this for the following virtues: patience, kindness, thankfulness, humility,

New Year New You

Activities Throughout the day take time to notice your self-talk, and take a moment to jot it down. Do this for a week. At the end of the week review what you wrote. Then ask yourself, “Is this how I would talk to a friend?” Comic Relief New Year

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